Government offices (In no particular order)
Tokyo Bureau of Finance Tokyo traffic bureau Tokyo waterworks bureau
Tokyo Bureau of Sewerage    

Railroad(In no particular order)
East Japan Railway Company Matsumoto Electric Railways Co.Ltd. Tets-Canada Conou road Ltd.
Central Japan Railway Company Nagano electric railway Ltd. Hiroshima electric railway Ltd.
Tobu Railway Ltd.  Hokuriku Railway Co.Ltd. Oita Travel Ltd.
Odakyu Electric Railway Toyama area rails type Company Okayama Rinko rails type Company
 Keisei Electric Railway Co.Ltd.  Nagareyama electric railway Ltd. Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.Ltd.
Kanto Railways Co.Ltd. Matsuura rails type Company Fuji Kyuko Co.Ltd. 
Traffic Ltd. of Ibaraki Tosa Electric Railways Ltd. Chichibu Railway Co.Ltd. 
Kominato rails type Company Mooka rails type Company Nagoya Railroad Co.Ltd. 
Traffic Ltd. of Echigo Yamagata rails type Company Oikawa Railways,Ltd. 
Hitachi electric railway Ltd. Three rails type Company Toyohashi Railway Co.Ltd.
Fukushima seaside rails type Company Noto rails type Company Gakunan Railways Ltd.
Omi rails type Company

Construction Company(In no particular order)
Taisei Corporation Morimoto-Gumi Co.Ltd. Kubota, Ltd. construction
Kajima Corporation Nittoc Construction Co.Ltd. This harmony Couitona Ltd.
Tekken Corporation Cabki construction Ltd. Arai-Gumi, Ltd.
The Shimizu Construction Ltd. UMEBAYASHI Corporation Ando Construction Ltd.
Kumagai Gumi Co, Ltd. Okumura Construction Ltd. Odakyu construction Ltd.
Obayashi Corporation Shiraishi Ltd. Seibu construction Ltd.
Mitsui Sumitomo Construction Ltd. Industry Ltd. of Inoue Uemura class Ltd.
Maeda Construction Co.Ltd. Gaiartocmagai Ltd. Sato class Ltd.
Fujita Corporation Chiyoda Chemical Engineering Construction Ltd. Fukuda Corporation
Nishimatsu Construction Ltd. Asanuma-Gumi Ltd. Industry Ltd. of large discernment telephone
Daiho Construction Co.Ltd. Ohmoto Gumi Co.Ltd. Aoyama machine worker Ltd.
Toda Construction Co.,Ltd. Takenaka engineering works Ltd. Industry Ltd. of Isawa
Tokyu Construction Ltd. Dainippon Doboku Ltd. Industry Ltd. of Dong Ah Const
Sato Kogyo Ltd. Totetsu Kogyo Co.Ltd. Three product industry Ltd. of construction
Tobishima Construction Ltd. Sata Construction Co.Ltd. Chizaki Kogyo Co.Ltd.
Japan Development Construction Co.Ltd. Asano construction Ltd. Kaido Costruction Ltd
Fudo Construction Ltd. Katsumura Construction Co.Ltd. Penta-Ocean construction Co.,Ltd
Hazama Corporation Koga class Ltd. Wakachiku Construction Ltd.
Konoike class Ltd. It is rapids construction Ltd. among. Aoki Construction Ltd.

Mine Company(In no particular order)
Mitsui Mining Ltd. Sumitomo Coal Mining Co.Ltd. Toho Zinc Co.Ltd.
Metal Ltd. of ore of day The Dowa Mining Ltd. Kuni Main Ltd.
Hokkaido Colliery Steamship Co.Ltd. Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. mining Ltd. Combination resource industrials type Company
Taiheiyo Kohatsu Inc. Cyugai Mining Ltd. Yutaka order mining Ltd.
Joban Coal Mining Ltd. Showa Mining Co.Ltd. Nittetsu Mining Company, Ltd.
Matsushima industries Ltd. Furukawa metallic machine Ltd.  

Chemistry / Industry(In no particular order)
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Mazda Astec Ltd.
Industry Ltd. of Okutama Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. Japanese transport aircraft Ltd.
Rasa Industries, Ltd. Tokyo Electric Power Company Taiyo collaboration Ltd.
Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co.Ltd. Kansai Electric Power Company Toyo Umpanki Ltd.
The Pacific Ocean cement Company Electric Power Development Co. Electric central industry Ltd.
Transportation Ltd. of day Joban Kyodou Karyoku Ltd. Ebara industry Ltd
Tokyu vehicle Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd. Kawasaki Heavy Industries,Ltd.
Tokiwa factory Ltd. Limited Company Abe orbit divergence machine Factory Mitsubishi material construction materials Ltd.
Industry Ltd. of Kito Ube Materialz Ltd. Hishimitsishihai Ltd.
The Electro Chemical Industrial Ltd. Osaka vehicle Ltd. Yoshino Gypsum,Ltd.
Ube Industries Ltd. Amano Corporation Ltd. Sakai Chemical Industry Co.Ltd.

Business firm(In no particular order)
Nissho-Iwai Ltd. Sta machine worker Ltd. Sumikin Bussan Corporation
Dowa industries Ltd. katabami Co.Ltd. Nawa machine worker Ltd.
Ryoko Sangyo Corporation Marubeni-Itochu Techno Steel Inc Kitanihon Construction Material Lease Co.Ltd.
MITSUI Co.Ltd. Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc JFE Shoji trade Corporation
Nichimen Company, Limited Kobe Steel north Ltd. SNT Corporation
Tokyo Sangyo Co.Ltd. Itochu Corporation Techno metal Ltd.
Mitsui Co.Ltd. electric appliance sales Ltd. Itohchu construction and machinery Co.Ltd. Hirose Ltd.
NIPPON STEEL TRADING Co.Ltd. Fujita commercial firm Ltd. Marufuji Sheet Piling Co.,Ltd
Yashima Co.Ltd. Shinko Shoji Ltd. Marubeni Construction Material Lease Co.Ltd.
Taiko Trading Co.,Ltd Hazama Trading Co.,Ltd Hikarigaoka industries Ltd.
Hanwa Co.Ltd. Nippon Steel Engineering  

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